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Fans Were Disappointed In Billie Eilish After She Refused To Sign Autographs For This Specific Reason


  • Billie Eilish’s unique voice and style have garnered her a strong and invested fan base.
  • Eilish was booed for not signing autographs outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live.
  • Eilish refuses to sign autographs due to fans exploiting them for profit, preferring personal interactions instead.

In the modern music world, very few artists have enough of a unique voice and style to stand out. One perfect example of an artist who has that is Billie Eilish since she is exciting enough that she has built a uniquely strong relationship with her fans.

Since Eilish’s fans are so invested in her, they want to know things like how she copes with Tourette Syndrome and how she is becoming very rich. Given how much Eilish’s fans care about her, it may surprise some that she won’t sign autographs for a specific reason.

Billie Eilish Got Booed For Refusing To Sign Autographs

In 2019, Billie Eilish made her way to Hollywood, so she could be interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. Unfortunately for Eilish, her trip would become a lot more complicated than she could likely have predicted. The reason for that is that Eilish wound up getting loudly booed outside the Hollywood Masonic Temple where the talk show is filmed.

Throughout Eilish’s career, most of her talk show appearances have been a success. However, it turns out that being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel can be problematic for the singer. After all, Eilish once got a lot of flack for not knowing who Van Halen was when Kimmel interviewed her.

When and where was Billie Eilish born, according to Brittanica?

When was Billie Eilish born:

December 18, 2001

Where was Billie Eilish born:

Los Angeles, California

How old is Billie Eilish as of January 2024:

22 years old

When Eilish made her way to appear on Kimmel’s show in 2019, she didn’t even have to go in the building to get in trouble. The reason for that is footage taken of Eilish outside the building quickly went viral online.


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In the video that went viral on social media, Eilish could be heard making her way to the building where Kimmel’s show was filmed. However, a group of fans and paparazzi, including the person who took the video, were positioned farther away from the entrance.

When that group of people saw Eilish from afar, they all began calling out the singer’s name. In response, Eilish looked back at the group before continuing to walk away from them closer to the entrance.

Not willing to give up that easily, the group where the video was being taken continued to call for Eilish. To the singer’s credit, she said hi to people who were closer to the door and then walked over to greet the group where the video was being taken.

Billie Eilish looking down
Via: Instar

Once Eilish made her way over to the group, it was obvious that her fans who were in attendance were extremely excited. With her fans standing behind a railing, Eilish walked past them all and gave high-fives like she was a wrestler making her grand entrance.

At the end of the lineup, there was a younger fan who said something to the singer. While it was hard to make out exactly what the fan said, she appeared to ask for a hug. After all, Eilish stopped in her tracks and gave the young fan a hug that looked very warm.

Eilish and her people then began walking away from the group again and toward the entrance. In theory, it seemed like the fans might have been delighted that they got to greet the singer and most of them even got to make contact with her.


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Unfortunately for Eilish, however, it very quickly became clear that some of the people in the group weren’t satisfied with their interaction with her. Looking back at the footage, it is easy to see why they were upset.

As Eilish walked by and gave people high-fives, many of them could be heard asking for autographs. In fact, many of the people even began pleading with the singer to give them a signature.

Most notably, one fan could be heard calling out to Eilish saying they’d been there since 4 AM in hopes of getting an autograph.

Billie Eilish looking annoyed
Via: Instar

Despite the pleas and requests, Eilish didn’t sign a single autograph before she walked away. As the singer made her way toward the building’s entrance, people made their disappointment and anger extremely obvious.

From the moment that it became clear that Eilish wouldn’t be signing anything, people began loudly booing her. The booing even got so loud that at one point Eilish looked back at the angry fans seemingly in surprise.

Worse yet, some of the people even began throwing insults at Eilish.

Why Billie Eilish Refuses To Sign Autographs In General

After the video of Eilish getting booed outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live! went viral, the singer responded to the controversy. In November 2019, Eilish posted an explanation for why she refused to sign autographs in her Instagram Stories. Eilish began by stating that the video wasn’t what it seemed to be.


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“The only reason I’m making this is because I saw video of this all happening and I just wanted to clarify what actually happened. If you watch the video, it literally looks like I’m walking by a bunch of fans and completely ignoring them and not saying hi to them, which is not at all what happened.”

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According to what Eilish went on to write, there was a group of her fans she was happy to greet and interact with. However, there also was a group of people who were there to make money by selling celebrity autographs all while not caring about Eilish at all. As Eilish went on to explain, she refuses to sign autographs because of that second group.

“I didn’t sign anything. It’s something that I don’t do because I used to, but I realized all anyone did was sell everything that I signed, so I stopped doing that. It was kind of like a policy of mine that I don’t… I’d way rather get a hug and talk to you … than f*cking sign something so you can sell that sh*t.”

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Eilish also explained why she walked away in the video quickly.

“I started to walk away because I realized none of these people actually cared about anything that had to do with me as a person. I walked over there only to say hi, only to hug people and I got pictures of me shoved into my f*cking face. I got no love whatsoever, so I left and then I got booed and [got] called a little b*tch and got told I was going to lose my Grammy nominations.”

Finally, Eilish wrote about how shocked she was by the anger that was thrown at her.

“The fact that people can switch up like that, damn. They wait outside for you and then immediately they don’t get what they want and they boo you, and f*cking curse at you. I’m like ‘Bro, I’m 17.’”

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