Cosmetic surgery experts weigh in on Simon Cowell’s shocking new look: ‘Way too much filler’

Simon Cowell’s ever-changing appearance over the years has sparked a lot of chatter about what work the “American Idol” alum has had done.

However, Cowell’s stint on a British game show last weekend left viewers more shocked than ever before.

“Seriously how much work has Simon Cowell had done?” one person asked via X. “He can’t move his face!!!!” Another pointed out, “He can only move his face from top lip down.”

Cosmetic surgery experts are weighing in on Simon Cowell’s changed face. Saturday Night Takeaway/YouTube

Two years ago, Cowell, 64, admitted to going “a bit too far” with Botox and facial fillers, but has since denied actually going under the knife to get a facelift.

“I haven’t had a facelift or anything,” the “America’s Got Talent” judge said in 2023, according to the Mirror.

“I’ve had a bit of Botox or whatever, but nothing drastic. So when I hear about this stuff, honestly it does make me laugh.”

Cowell, seen here in 2003, has denied going under the knife. A. Rapoport/FOX

Page Six polled a group of plastic and cosmetic surgery experts, however, who speculated that Cowell may not be telling the whole truth about his procedures.

Renowned celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who has not worked on the “X Factor” judge, suspects that Cowell’s tight and “swollen” face is due to a combination of fillers and some kind of lift.

“He just looks like he has way too much volume in his face, which is usually way too much filler in his face,” the triple board-certified surgeon tells Page Six.

Several experts agree Cowell has had “too much filler.” FilmMagic

“The filler accumulates and starts getting into your lymphatics and blocks the lymphatic drainage in your face, so the swelling or the lymph drainage and the filler just block the normal drainage and you get really, really full face and tight face — as if you stuck a needle in it and it would pop.”

Kassir points out that he also believes tell-tale signs that Cowell has indeed gone under the knife are the positions of his eyebrows, cheeks, jawline and neck.

“Some kind of vector force has been put on them, so he’s definitely had either a revision lift, facelift or some kind of a regular skin lift because the skin looks like it’s tightly pulled over the underlying contents, which by the way is not a healthy or normal-looking lift,” the New York and New Jersey-based expert says.

Cowell claims he has not had a facelift. FilmMagic

Kassir adds that ripples on Cowell’s neck are a “giveaway” of “bad liposuction and neck surgery” due to some possible “uneven removal of fat and some scarring.”

Medical injector Pamela Weinberger of Plump in Miami agrees that it’s “evident” the TV star “underwent facial surgical treatments,” noting that aside from a face and neck lift she also suspects a “brow lift, and upper and lower blepharoplasty.”

The Allergan Medical Institute trainer, who has never worked on Cowell, also suspects he has received Botox injections in the forehead and around the eyelid region.

Experts believe Cowell has undergone procedures for his eyes, face and neck regions. Instagam/Simon Cowell

Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, who also has not worked on the father of one, agrees that Cowell’s appearance is likely due to too much filler, particularly in the “central portion of the cheeks and around the jawline,” causing him to appear “swollen” or “puffy.”

Most experts tell us, though, that the work Cowell has had done is reversible — but it will be costly.

“Correcting surgical treatments can be challenging and expensive,” Weinberger says. “Ideally, Simon’s surgical results will improve over time as post-surgical swelling subsides, which can take up to eight months.

“Correcting surgical treatments can be challenging and expensive,” injector Pamela Weinberger tells Page Six. TheImageDirect.com

“As Botox wears off in three months, Simon can reassess his options, potentially opting for a more natural approach to Botox or exploring alternative medical-grade treatments for subtle wrinkle reduction.”

She estimates the corrective procedures may cost Cowell somewhere between $20,000 to $100,000, pointing out that a way for a client to save money is by going back to the original surgeon.

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Kassir estimates a much higher price tag, noting that it would cost Cowell “at least several hundred thousand dollars to fix it” because he suspects revision neck lift with filler and scar removal are needed.

Experts think it will cost Cowell thousands of dollars to reverse any procedures. Sami Drasin/NBC

“You have to take into account the scarring and how this would have to be done meticulously and carefully because the nerves and other important structures are in-between these layers,” the plastic surgeon says

“When you kind of confound these layers, then the surgery is much more difficult.”

Vasyukevich believes the prices may vary “significantly” depending on what Cowell would like to have corrected but said the filler reversal itself should not be too expensive since it can be done for anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 a year with the injection of hyluronaidase.

Cowell has admitted to going “too far” with Botox. Trae Patton/NBCUniversal

Kassir just advises those getting any work done in the first place to remember that “moderation is key.”

“You have to got to somebody that knows when to say no, knows when to do fillers and when not to do fillers, and how to do a proper facelift — not just do it and pull on it because they want to make things look tighter,” he concludes.

“You want to make things look more natural and rested.”

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