The Most Satisfying Alan Quartermaine General Hospital Storyline

Having Alan Quartermaine not only kill the sleazy Ray Conway but also get away with it was a stroke of genius by the “General Hospital” writers. At the time, while Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was friends with Karen Wexler, he wasn’t the powerful mobster that we’ve come to know and love, and it wouldn’t have been as visceral if he killed the dirtbag. After the assault, Rhonda ended up having surgery and almost died. By getting rid of the body, Alan deftly diverted everyone’s attention, making the police initially think that Ray had fled the scene and was on his way out of Port Charles.

Once Ray’s body was found, Monica Quartermaine felt Alan was hiding something. Their discussion escalated into an argument in which she continued to posit that her husband and Rhonda were having an affair. Alan had no recourse but to confess to her that he had killed Ray, and in another incredibly satisfying moment he bluntly stated that the only thing he felt he needed to apologize for was that the abuser “deserved worse.”

Although Alan had done some questionable things in his day, at his core he always protected those he cared about, and we rooted for him to get away with it the entire time. Usually, in soaps, secrets don’t stay hidden for very long, so having this be one that Alan would eventually take to the grave with him was unique and well done.

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