VIP spectators will be exempt from Paris Olympics alcohol sales restrictions

Evin’s Law has been in place in France for more than three decades. The law restricts the sale of alcohol to the general public inside stadiums in the country.

Organizers for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics declined to seek an exemption to the law, a Paris 2024 spokesperson told Reuters.

“Such an exemption would have required a change in the law for an event the size of the Games. The law allows an exemption from the ban on the sale of alcohol for 10 events per organiser per year per municipality,” officials said in a statement.

“Paris 2024 will be organising more than 700 competition sessions over 15 days of competition.”

Olympic rings at headquarters

This view shows the International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. (LAURENT GILLIERON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

It remains unlikely that organizers will pursue an exemption to the law in the future.


Organizers for another event, the upcoming 2023 Rugby World Cup, successfully negotiated an exception for their event, which is also being held in France.

French law does allow for a different set of rules for catered hospitality areas, which would include VIP suites. Therefore, attendees who pay the price for the VIP suites at stadiums at the 2024 Paris Olympics will have access to alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages can be advertised via billboards and certain websites, but the sale of the drinks will be limited to those who have the VIP designation.

Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games logo

Organizers for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics declined to seek an exemption to the law, a Paris 2024 spokesperson told Reuters. (THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images)

“It is the strict application of French law that allows catering services that include the provision of alcohol to operate in hospitality areas as they are governed by a separate law on catering,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“It is not for Paris 2024 to comment on this application of different laws, but for the legislator to define the relevant framework for event organisers.”

Reporters outside an Olympics office

Reporters work outside the headquarters of the Paris Olympic organizers, June 20, 2023, in Saint-Denis, outside Paris. (AP Photo/Thomas Padilla)

The majority of sports venues in Spain do not allow the sale or consumption of alcoholic drinks. And in Germany, alcohol is restricted during soccer games where major rivalries are going head-to-head.


During the last two Summer Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and London in 2012, alcohol was sold inside stadiums.

Fox News Digital contacted Paris 2024 Olympics organizers for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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