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EA FC 24 Title Update 4: Patch Notes and Gameplay Enhancements Revealed

The much awaited Title Update 4 for EA FC 24 has been released by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports, and it includes a tonne of exciting new features as well as important improvements. By fixing a number of in-game bugs, this update is set to improve your overall gaming experience. We will examine the specifics of EA FC 24 Title Update #4 in this post, emphasising the significant adjustments and enhancements it brings about. EA FC 24 Title Update 4: Patch Notes and Gameplay Enhancements Revealed.

EA FC 24 Title Update #4 Patch Notes: Fixing the Trickster Glitch and Bugs

The infamous “Trickster Glitch” has been one of the biggest issues that players in EA FC 24 have been dealing with. This bug interfered with competitive play by allowing users of the Trickster+ PlayStyle to manipulate the ball and score with ease. EA Sports temporarily stopped the Trickster+ PlayStyle on October 21, 2023, in reaction to the community criticism, however it is unclear when it will be enabled again.

This problem will be fixed in EA FC 24 Title Update 4, guaranteeing an equitable and fun game experience for all. In addition to decreasing the potential accuracy of acrobatic shoots and advising players to cross from a wing using the foot closest to the touchline, the update also lessens the curve on first-time precision passes. Knowing that Title Update 4 will soon be accessible for all FC 24 editions gives players peace of mind.

EA FC 24 Title Update 4 Patch Notes: Detailed Changes

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the EA Sports FC 24 Title Update 4 patch notes:

Ultimate Team


  • An Evolutions Overhead Indicator on/off setting in Game Settings

Issues Fixed:

  • The penalty kick accuracy indicator was not visible during penalty kick shootouts in Champions matches.
  • Visual issue: A Bronze Tifo could have incorrectly displayed for some Rivals Milestone Stages instead of the correct reward.
  • Some specific Player Item pairs could not have been placed in the same squad, like Gerd Müller & Bobby Charlton, Franck Ribéry & Jairzinho, and Abily Camille & Xabi Alonso.
  • Visual issue: The Founders Evolution could have incorrectly displayed a Player Item that was not selected for it.
  • After bidding on a Player Item found on the Transfer Target compare price screen, exiting the screen did not function as intended.
  • Visual issue: After opening a Pack and swapping a duplicate Item for a tradable version on the New Item screen, the Quick Sell value did not always display.
  • Longer Pack descriptions did not automatically scroll in the Store.
  • After bidding on a Player Item found on the Transfer Target compare price screen, exiting the screen did not function as intended.
  • Visual issue: After opening a Pack and swapping a duplicate Item for a tradable version on the New Item screen, the Quick Sell value did not always display.
  • Exiting the See All Rewards screening Squad Battles resulted in being taken to the Opponent Select instead of Your Rank screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could have impacted Evolution Player Item selection.
  • Concept Items did not get automatically replaced in a Squad if a replacement Player Item was obtained through the Transfer Market UI on the Squad screen.
  • An error message could have been displayed after attempting to select a Concept Item for an Evolution.
  • Visual issue: When swapping a Manager Item, the CHM UI displayed a green colour instead of red for lower CHM values.
  • In Rivals, the pause menu displayed the opponent’s Squad name instead of the Club name.
  • Season Progression tifo rewards could not always be previewed.


Changes Made:

  • Reduced the amount of curve on first-time Precision Passes taken at extreme angles.
  • Slightly reduced the potential accuracy of acrobatic shots.
  • When crossing from a wing position, players will prefer to use the foot closest to the touchline.

Issues Fixed:

  • In some situations, the ball could have incorrectly stuck to a dribbler’s leg as they ran.
  • In some cases, Lob Precision Passes did not go to the intended receiver.
  • When changing the aiming input in the final moments of an outside foot shot animation, the shot could have sometimes gone towards the keeper instead of the intended spot.
  • Low powered lobbed drop kicks did not always send the ball to the intended receiver.
  • Manual passes affected by Pinged Pass and Long Ball Pass PlayStyles did not always function as intended.
  • When attempting to block a pass as a defender, an incorrect block animation could have sometimes occurred.
  • Visual issue: During a specific goalkeeper save animation, the keeper’s arm could have gone through the pitch.
  • In some rare situations following a save, the goalkeeper could have momentarily faced towards their own goal while getting up.
  • In some rare situations, the goalkeeper faced away from the ball when attempting to save a shot.
  • Flair Passes could have sometimes occurred when requesting Swerve On Demand Passes with 40% power or more.
  • Players could have sometimes passed through a camera operator near the ad boards.

Career Mode

Issues Fixed:

  • Press conference tutorials could have continued to appear after the first press conference in Manager Career.
  • In Manager Career, Scout Reports for lower league clubs could have shown reports for high OVR top league players that weren’t interested in moving to a lower league.
  • The GK PlayStyles, Any PlayStyles, and None scouting instructions were not available in Career Mode.
  • In Manager Career, if a player was to retire, the expiring contracts warning could incorrectly display even if all other contracts were renewed.
  • The Brand Exposure Objective did not function correctly in Manager Career.
  • In Player Career, the Read A Book By A Club Legend Activity could have occurred more often than intended.
  • At the end of a Player Career season, an offered contact could have displayed an incorrect team when signing for a target team.


Issues Fixed:

  • When playing as a goalkeeper at the StrongHER stadium, the view was incorrectly limited due to stadium geometry.
  • In some specific scenarios, PlayStyles not intended to be equipped on a Virtual Pro could have been equipped.
  • Some accessories did not display in the Drop-In lobby.
  • Visual issue: Goalkeeper Attributes did not always display correctly when viewed through Leaderboard and My Pro Presets screens.
  • Editing the appearance of AI teammates could have resulted in them not looking as intended, and could have prevented the ability to further edit them.
  • After completing a Player Career match, players were unintentionally taken to the Perks screen.
  • Club names could have been edited when the setting was greyed out.


Issues Fixed:

  • Scoring in the last second of a Foot Golf Arcade game resulted in the next round’s timer not functioning as intended.
  • Squads could have become corrupted in 3v3 Rush matches in Kick Off.
  • Visual issue: The Cross Facial Hair did not display correctly.

General, Audio, and Visual

Changes Made:

  • Updated some out-of-match scenes, UI elements, crowds, broadcast packages, Pack animations, stadia, and audio.
  • Added 17 new starheads and updated 1, they will appear in-game following an upcoming Server Release.

Issues Fixed:

  • [PS5/XBSX|S/PC Only] In rare cases, Personal Settings could not be saved.
  • Fixed instances of Controller Settings sometimes resetting.
  • Fixed several UI elements and button callouts not displaying and functioning as intended.
  • Fixed instances of incorrect and unformatted text displaying.
  • Clubs specific stadia could have been selected in unintended modes.
  • Fixed some stability issues that could have occurred.
  • [Switch Only] Fixed instances of touch screen input not functioning as intended for some UI elements.
  • [Switch Only] When playing horizontally on a single Joy-Con, SL and SR did not function correctly on the Video Calibration screen.
  • Fixed cases of some buttons not being able to be remapped to others.

With Title Update 4, EA Sports made a number of modifications and enhancements to EA FC 24, which are explained in detail in these extensive patch notes. Following the resolution of these problems and the introduction of improvements, players may now anticipate a more pleasurable and equitable gaming experience. Prepare to take your EA FC 24 gaming to new levels as a result of this upgrade.

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